small steps add up

  1. Visit the Health or Counseling Center if something is bothering you

  2. Get involved in RHA

  3. Meet with your advisor to talk about your goals

  4. Drop in on your RA or RD to say Hello

  5. Go to all of your classes this week

  6. See how many sit-ups you can do

  7. Get 8 hours of sleep and see how much better you feel

  8. Catch up with an old friend today

  9. Find a healthy way to relieve some stress

  10. Add a new vegetable to one meal

  11. See how many pushups you can do

  12. Go for a walk around campus with a friend

  13. Visit the library or tutoring center

  14. Introduce yourself to someone new on your floor

  15. Hop in a Pick-up basketball game or fitness class

  16. Talk to someone new today

  17. Listen to your favorite song

  18. Enjoy some screen-free time

  19. Call your parents to let them know how you’re doing

Need something to do?

Check out our own Best Life Coloring Sheets. Here are some benefits from doing something as simple as coloring: 

  1. Your brain becomes more calm
  2. Stress and anxiety levels are lowered
  3. Negative thoughts go away
  4. Focusing on the present helps you be more mindful
  5. Unplugging from technology makes you more creative

Know Where To Get HelP

keep it clean

Manage Stress